Hot Topics in Sustainability Podcast Series

from Chiesi Limited, UK

INTENDED FOR UK & IRELAND HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS. Chiesi believes that true ‘sustainability’ can only be achieved with a broad array of projects that protect both our patients and the planet. As such this defines our actions, and the way that we do business. In recognition to our commitment to sustainability, Chiesi is proud to have been recognised as a certified B Corp and committed in 2019 to becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2035 well ahead of the 2050 target set out in the Paris agreement – and 15 years ahead of the UK national target. This podcast series aims to demystify the various terminology used when discussing carbon neutrality in relation to sustainable respiratory care, explores how the environment impacts patients respiratory wellbeing and looks into the carbon footprint associated with sustainable respiratory care and what the health care community can do to be more environmentally focussed without limiting patient choice. Date of Prep: January 2024 | IE-CHI-2300057

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